Message from Chairman

Changes in technology come to our daily life. How CHO has changed and prepared for it?

This question may be raised from CHO’s stakeholders, as well as society and environment, because we cannot deny that they are in close relationship with each other.

Ms. Phenphimol Vejvarut

Chairman of the Board of Directors

In 2020, the impact of trade war and COVID-19 pandemic have placed the greatest effect on Thai economy, and Cho Thavee Public Company Limited, or CHO’s operation has been inevitably under pressure. The company’s Board of Director and Executives have been aware and collaboratively set up preparative plans to reduce the impact from such incidents by planning on improving resources allocation to appropriately manage incomes and expenses, financial cost management, and human resources management to be able to continuously implement the plans. These plans also aim to reduce dependency on single source of income by creating variety of business so that the company can generate more recurring income to support CHO’s long-term operations. It can be said that, in 2020, CHO’s “STRONG, BRAVE AND DIFFERENT” was tested by various factors which has been steadily prepared our company to grow and move forward.

CHO has the determination and emphasizes on corporate management by using good corporate governance and transparency policies to promote sustainable business operation and achieve the company’s goals. The company received Excellent level of Corporate Governance Report of Thai Listed Companies - CGR by Thai Institute of Directors (IOD) for 2020 and has maintained at this level for 4 consecutive years. This is the pride of our company.

Lastly, I would like to express my appreciation to shareholders, business alliances, executives, all employees, and stakeholders for the trust, reliability, and all the supports in company’s operations so that we can steadily and sustainably grow together.